Adult, Teen, and Youth Karate Program 


Youth Kenpo Karate Program


Our youth program is designed for children between the ages of 4 and 13, regardless of their level or ability, and previous experience is not required. We provide both private and group in-person karate classes, as well as private and beginner group lessons online as another option.

By practicing karate, students will improve their coordination, balance, strength, and flexibility, which will help them maintain a healthy body. As they progress through the ranks, you will notice improvements in their discipline, confidence, focus, and control.

Our program not only teaches martial arts but also equips students with important self-defense skills. Through our training, students develop the confidence to stand up for themselves in difficult situations and protect themselves against bullies. Additionally, as students gain more confidence, their self-esteem naturally increases, and they learn important values such as respect, good manners, and kindness. Overall, our program is designed to empower students with leadership skills and help them grow into well-rounded individuals.

Progressing through each rank level gives students a sense of accomplishment and pride for earning that rank. We teach students the value of perseverance, how to strive to become better individuals, how to set goals, and not to be afraid of working hard to achieve those goals.

Adult and Teen Kenpo Karate Program


Our adult and teen program is designed for both men and women aged 14 and above, regardless of their fitness levels and abilities. No prior experience is necessary to join our program. We offer both private and group in-person lessons, as well as online private lessons. Our karate program offers numerous health benefits for both the body and mind. Physically, karate training can improve muscle tone, reflexes, flexibility, mobility, balance, coordination, and strength. Mentally, it can help reduce stress while improving discipline, confidence, and control. Karate is a life-saving skill that can improve many aspects of your life. During your training, you will learn many valuable lessons in healthy competition, goal-setting, patience, and focus.



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