Our youth program is for children ages 4 to 13 of all levels and abilities, with no prior experiences needed.  The online program allows your child to train at their pace in the comfort of your home.  Karate is an individual sport where each child will benefit differently. Whether your child needs discipline or confidence, karate will teach them.  The benefits are endless.

Students will physically gain coordination, balance, strength, flexibility through practicing karate. Training helps maintain a healthy body.

 As students make progress through the rank levels, you will see improvements in their discipline, confidence, focus, and control. 

Students will learn life-saving defense techniques and gain the confidence needed to stand up for themselves in tough situations and against bullies. When students build their confidence, they gain self-esteem, they will also gain leadership skills developing respect, kindness, and manners.  Progressing through each rank level gives a sense of accomplishment and pride for earning that rank. It teaches perseverance and dedication, building a positive attitude and character. 

At each level through this program, you will learn and practice a combination of strikes, kicks, drills, self-defense techniques, and katas starting will yellow belt requirement material. Once you have completed the material at this level you can set up an online virtual review with a black belt instructor or send a recorded video for an evaluation and review. Once you mastered the required material can join a group online virtual rank test, set up a private online test, or send a recording with all required material in test form to be review by a black belt instructor.  Once a test is passed,  the next belt level requirements will be open.  

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Monthly Subscription $25.00 monthly
Yearly Subscription $250.00 one-time annual fee
Material review recorded and evaluated (one-time fee) Optional $30.00 per review
Virtual Private Lesson (1/2 hour) with an instructor (one-time fee) Optional $30.00 per lesson
Group Rank Test, Includes test, 1 make-up test, and certificate Price varies depending on belt level. Beginner levels start at $30.00
Private Rank Test, Includes private test, 1 private make-up, and certificate Price varies depending on belt level, Beginner levels start at $50.00